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About SwissPass.

SwissPass – the key to your mobility.

The SwissPass is more than a public transport travelcard. It offers you access to a variety of partner services. Use it to unlock the Mobility car, to activate the turnstile in ski areas and to benefit from numerous special offers. In future we will be extending the services regularly. We will be integrating other travelcards and partner services in stages.

Automatic travelcard renewal.

The GA and Half-Fare travelcards are automatically renewed on the same SwissPass. We remind you in good time of the possible cancellation date before the automatic travelcard renewal. You therefore have sufficient time to cancel your travelcard by the date specified. You can also subscribe to an e-mail or SMS reminder for this date in your customer account. Select your preferred communication channel so that in future we can remind you about the procedure and renewal options for your travelcards. All other travelcards on the SwissPass, such as the modular travelcard, the point-to-point travelcard or the various fare network travelcards are not renewed automatically. However, we remind you on time when your travelcard expires so that you can renew it. – everything at a glance.

In your customer account at you can access your details at any time. You can therefore manage your personal details and your travelcards conveniently online. Find information, for example, about invoices that are open or already paid, partner services and attractive new offers. Manage your address, upload a new photo if required, or tell us via which channel you need to receive information. With your login from you also have access to various online public transport services. You can therefore log into websites, webshops and apps - without time-consuming registration.

Is my SwissPass data secure?

The SwissPass contains two RFID chips. One chip is used to check the holder’s entitlement to public transport services, and the other for ski passes. The chips do not store any customer data. They contain only a technical ID number (media ID). When the SwissPass is scanned it produces a set of control data. This is just a snapshot and no cross-references whatsoever are made. It does not create a profile of your movements at any time. Neither SBB nor its licensed transport companies (LTC) process the control data for marketing purposes, pass it on to third parties, or draw conclusions about individuals’ consumer behaviour. Use-specific appropriation of the control data is guaranteed at all times. Furthermore, no unauthorized people have access to the customer data we collected when concluding the contract. This ensures that your data is secure at all times.

How can I get a SwissPass?

When you buy a GA, Half-Fare, modular or point-to-point travelcard or any of numerous regional travelcards, you automatically receive the SwissPass, provided you do not already have a SwissPass card. If you do not hold any of the above-mentioned travelcards, you can obtain the SwissPass free of charge at public transport points of sale, allowing you to benefit from our partner services

Start benefiting from the SwissPass - easy mobility.