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About SwissPass.

SwissPass – the key to your mobility.

With the launch of SwissPass we are moving into a new era of public transport and mobility. If you buy or renew your GA or Half-Fare travelcard after 1 August 2015, you will receive it on the SwissPass. But this is more than just a GA or Half-Fare travelcard. It also gives you access to partner services such as Mobility Carsharing, PubliBike or SwitzerlandMobility as well as to winter sports facilities.

Why SwissPass?

More than half our customers renew their travelcards seamlessly and perhaps you can too. Thanks to the SwissPass you no longer have to think about renewing your travelcard and so you always stay mobile. Your SwissPass Card is valid for several years and we always renew your travelcard on the same card. We remind you of the optional cancellation deadline in good time prior to the automatic travelcard renewal.

SwissPass Plus – mobile in many ways.

The SwissPass is more than a GA travelcard or Half-Fare travelcard. It opens the door to a Mobility car, includes rental bikes from PubliBike and sets the turnstiles in motion in skiing areas. You therefore have one card for various public transport travelcards and partner services. In future, we will expand the services on an ongoing basis. We are integrating other travelcards and partner services into the SwissPass in stages. – everything at a glance.

With your customer account on you can check your details any time. You can easily manage your personal details online and will be kept updated on any new offers. Your SwissPass login can also be used for the SBB Ticket Shop.

Is my SwissPass data secure?

The SwissPass contains two RFID chips. One chip is used to check the holder’s entitlement to public transport services, and the other for ski passes. The chips do not store any customer data. They contain only a technical ID number (media ID). When the SwissPass is scanned it produces a set of control data. This is just a snapshot and no cross-references whatsoever are made. It does not create a profile of your movements at any time. Neither SBB nor its licensed transport companies (LTC) process the control data for marketing purposes, pass it on to third parties, or draw conclusions about individuals’ consumer behaviour. Use-specific appropriation of the control data is guaranteed at all times. Furthermore, no unauthorized people have access to the customer data we collected when concluding the contract. This ensures that your data is secure at all times.

How can I get a SwissPass?

The SwissPass is available at all the usual outlets. If you purchase a GA or Half Fare travelcard for the first time or renew one of these travelcards, the SwissPass is automatically issued free of charge. If you do not have a travelcard, you can purchase the SwissPass for CHF 10.

Start benefiting from the SwissPass - easy mobility.